An innovative public-private model for accelerating policy solutions at the state and local level.

In the midst of extreme polarization and dysfunction at the national level, TGP is creating a policy acceleration platform that brings analytics, strategic advice, access to capital, expertise, and manpower to local leaders that are actually trying to enact solutions to our most pressing problems.

Axios: TGP is launching an effort to help cities and states make use of a portion of the 2017 tax law that’s meant to boost economically struggling areas of the country.


TGP is working closely with key Colorado officials on ways
to catalyze the Opportunity Zone Project.

In June, TGP helped convene a Colorado conference that brought 250 key stakeholders together. Stakeholders of varied backgrounds like state and local officials, non-profits leaders, and investors and developers teamed up to help ensure that Colorado realizes the full potential of its Opportunity Zones.

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