An innovative public-private model for accelerating policy solutions at the state and local level.

In the midst of extreme polarization and dysfunction at the national level, TGP is creating a policy acceleration platform that brings analytics, strategic advice, access to capital, expertise, and manpower to local leaders that are actually trying to enact solutions to our most pressing problems.

Our Municipal Toolkit for Opportunity Zones: See our actionable toolkit for municipal & community leaders seeking to ensure  the social benefits of the Opportunity Zone incentive.


TGP is working closely with key officials in states and cities across the U.S. to help them strategically align stakeholders to achieve the Opportunity Zone incentive’s aims.

In December, TGP helped convene Delaware and Massachusetts conferences that brought hundreds of key stakeholders together. You can read more about it here. The bottom line is this: stakeholders across backgrounds – from  state and local officials to non-profits leaders, and from investors to developers – are teaming up to ensure that Opportunity Zones achieve inclusive community development. Because of this, we’re partnering to help put on a national investor summit in March.

For more information on our direct work with states and municipalities, follow this link.