We’re currently working across the country to achieve our vision of communities equipped and empowered to take practical steps to combat economic disparity.  


our current work



  • We’re helping the city of Nashville and the state of New Jersey set the agenda for issue-oriented stakeholder gatherings focused on affordable housing and transit oriented development.


  • We’re partnering with The Economic Innovation Group, Accelerator for America, and Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab to put on an Investor Summit in Stanford.



  • Collaborating with the state of Colorado to develop a toolkit and education program for municipal governments to leverage Opportunity Zones.


  • We’re working with EIG and Accelerator for America to produce a toolkit of mayoral best practices to prioritize and advance community-focused projects in Opportunity Zones.


  • We’re Helping the city of Birmingham, Alabama bring stakeholders together around an anchor development and developing investment materials for this project.


  • We’re developing business cases and strategies for priority projects in the city of Louisville, Kentucky.


  • We’re helping municipalities across the country –from San Jose to South Carolina– to prioritize and advance projects identified in their prospectuses.



  • We’re developing a nationally-applicable strategy for levering anchor institutions within various community profiles.


  • We’re collaborating with Drexel’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab to build a typology of census-tracts to inform Opportunity zone strategy.


  • We’re partnering with other leading organizations — EIG and Accelerator for America — to develop and advance market norms for Opportunity Zones.


Upcoming Events

Highlights from 2018

We advised state leaders on Opportunity Zone Designation: In the spring of 2018, the National Governors’ Association circulated our white paper, and we arranged a live briefing with state economic development leads, on designating Opportunity Zones.

We advised states on post-designation Opportunity Zone support: we released a second white paper, and will hold briefings, on actions states can take to catalyze and support Opportunity Zone development.

We organized statewide Opportunity Zone Planning Summits: We worked closely with key state officials in Colorado, Massachussets, and Delaware to help plan convenings of key statewide stakeholders. Each brought together over 250 key stakeholders who began building plans to leverage the statewide Opportunity Zones. Learn more here.

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