We provide last-mile solutions for community development projects that satisfy social needs and can gain market traction.


We equip and empower communities to take practical steps to combat the economic disparity that exists across America. As a nonprofit made up of leaders who have spent time in executive branches of government, we understand the immediate and competing priorities faced by city hall. That’s why we work to extend the capacity of local leaders by providing toolkits, technical assistance, and expert advice to communities trying to achieve long-term transformative investments. We focus on identifying and executing critical community development projects that address social needs and gain market traction.

We currently advise municipal and state leaders on how to activate the Opportunity Zone incentive, which we see as a crucial way to achieve transformative development. We are a last-mile incubator for community-focused projects in Opportunity Zones.

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Our work focuses on four areas of  strengthening and supporting local capacity on community development projects in Opportunity Zones. 



  We help bring the right national, state, and local stakeholders together to find common cause in local Opportunity Zone projects. This adds extra energy to community projects.


We help communities prioritize and strategize around local opportunity zone projects to accomplish early wins that satisfy community need and leverage local assets. This helps target energy behind community projects.



We support communities in modeling the business case for projects to move them from conceptualization to deals. This helps communities and leaders achieve tangible results.



 We generate and distribute best practices, playbooks, and toolkits based on projects we’ve assisted with. This helps support the development of norms across the Opportunity Zone market.